Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico – Testimonial

In this video, Peddy from Birmingham, Alabama, US discusses why and how she selected gastric sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico.



Following is the video narration.


” My name is Peddy. I am from Brimingham, Alabama. I am a manager at a service station down there and I have come for the gastric sleeve surgery. Less invasive, less complications, you don’t have a foreign, something in your body so it was more suitable to my needs. My insurance doesn’t cover weight loss procedures so I was trying to find a more affordable way that… and researched it ….it was all uphill for me. Diabetes, I have diabetes, I am insulin dependent high blood pressure, I am on medication.


I have neuropathy in my hands and in my feet and I already had one knee surgery…I went to a diet doctor who prescribed me …did the B12 injections. I had lost a little bit of weight and I think it was about 30 pounds I had lost but I got tired of taking narcotics, the medicine they put you on is narcotic and when I stopped taking it, all the weight came back. It was an extra 20 or 30 pounds. Very clean, very professional, very sweet people, attentive, you know they make sure your every need is met, make sure you are comfortable as you can be and they have been great. They have been great people.


Research it, look up to hospitals, look upto their certifications and you know there are pictures and everything’s posted on their website – patient testimonials, everything is on their website, look at it, research it, it’s all there for you black and white. Absolutely not, absolutely not, it’s been a wonderful experience. It only took us what fifteen or twenty minutes to get here and the driver was sweet. He takes your bags and makes sure you are comfortable and off to go. No problems.”


Mexico offers an affordable cost of weight loss surgeries. The hospital facilities in Mexico are latest and surgeons are highly qualified and internationally trained. Also, due to the close proximity of countries like Canada and America, it has become the choice of many for their  weight loss surgery in Mexico.


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