Full Mouth Restoration in Cancun, Mexico

The video shows a Prosthodontist explaining the nitty gritty of full mouth restoration. Cancun dental tourism is being propelled by the uninterrupted flow of information between the customer and the dentist. In order to avoid upsetting the customer expectations, top Cancun dentists are of the opinion that clients should know everything about the dental procedures before embracing them. This Cancun dentist is of the opinion that if you want Lumineers done for example, knowing the facts before getting Lumineers done in Mexico certainly plays out to your advantage.

Narration – “When we’re talking about full mouth restoration, our patients for full mouth restoration are usually patients that have worn out their dentition very much and because of this situation they have lost…meaning that their…is over closed.

So in order for us to open give the patient back…that they had on their teeth…we have to do a restoration on every tooth because when you open that pipe, you used to do a couple of teeth, the others wouldn’t touch. So that’s why we call full mouth. We have to touch all of the teeth.

And then again, here’s another important thing of function, function, function. Of course aesthetics is involved but function is very important because…in the precision of the job on the patient when you do this.  So before we do this, we take casts, we mount them on at least a semi-adjustable…and we do a full wax up of the case. With this full wax up, we sometimes try to…the patient to make sure that we’re correct and after we ensure that this…will be comfortable for the patient, then we can proceed and do the preps, preps meaning that of course, we’re gonna do full crowns on all of the teeth or we’re gonna do on lays in the procedures, and now we’re gonna do full crowns on the anterior or on the veneers, so each case has to be analyzed properly, in order for us to do this.”

In another video, this Cancun dentist talks about, Empress crowns – recently introduced in Cancun.

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