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Types of Dental Bone Grafting in Mexico

The video shows a top implantologist from Cancun explaining different kinds of dental bone grafting. Mexico, notably Cancun, Algodones and, Tijuana, is becoming de facto dental tourism destination of the world. Whether it is veneers, lumineers or full mouth restoration, Cancun, Los Algodones, and Tijuana are witnessing an unprecedented influx of dental tourists from U.S. […]

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Full Mouth Restoration in Cancun, Mexico

The video shows a Prosthodontist explaining the nitty gritty of full mouth restoration. Cancun dental tourism is being propelled by the uninterrupted flow of information between the customer and the dentist. In order to avoid upsetting the customer expectations, top Cancun dentists are of the opinion that clients should know everything about the dental procedures […]

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Know These Facts Before Getting Lumineers In Mexico

The video shows a Cancun dentist discussing the nuts and bolts of Lumineers. In Mexico, especially Cancun, a lot of dental tourists arrive at its shore with sketchy information on Lumineers. This Cancun dentist advises to have foreknowledge about Lumineers before flying all the way to Cancun to get them. Working closely with the patients, […]

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How Cancun Dentist Deals With US Patients

The video shows a Cancun dentist talking about dental tourists from US who regularly pay him a visit. This dentist holds a degree from Louisiana State University (LSU). This dentist from Cancun has a domain expertise in dental implants and demonstrates their different types.   Narration – “We have several cases of patients that they […]

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How Stuff Works – Cancun Dentist Explains Dental Implants

The video shows a leading dentist is Cancun explaining dental implants in layman terms. The domain expertise is the hallmark of Cancun cosmetic dentistry. In another educational video, a Cancun child dentist advises on kids’ oral health.     Narration – “An implant, if you go through glossary of prosthetics, is basically a root type […]

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Cancun Dentist Demonstrates Dental Implants

The video shows a leading dental implant surgeon from Cancun demonstrating dental implants in layman terms.   Narration – “So this is the way that we teach, sometimes for our students, what types of implants do we have, what different prosthetics parts we are giving. So, these are the types of implants that we’ve used […]

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