Dental Crowns in Los Algodones – Patient Testimonial

Traveling to Los Algodones, Mexico, from California proved to be a wise decision for Tiss, who seems very pleased with the services he got there.

Watch the video below and find out  for yourself why people go to Los Algodones for dental work.

Video Transcription:

“Hi. My name is Tis and I’m from Norden, California. I needed some dental work done and the prices are crazy in the States. so I got on the internet, I found their web page. I called them them. They set up appointment, they set up the room. If I spend a thousand bucks, they will give me a free room.

“It was really easy. I came down here. They met me at the airport, picked me up, took me to the dentist, had my xrays done free of charge, brought me at the clinic over here, did a complete examination, found out stuff that my other dentist didn’t know about, sat me down on the chair, started working on me right away… 48 hours later, I got 7 crowns done, 2 bridges and they didn’t hurt me. When I had little bit of pain they stopped.

“Anyway, 48 hours later I’m back across the border.

“Oh, the clinic was good. It was just as good as the States, if not better. Where in the States if I got to go I get 7 root canals… not root canals 7 crowns done in 2 days?

“The place was clean, the prices were good, the staff spoke in English… they were attentive. They took care of… I guess the biggest thing was I wasn’t afraid here. I’m kind of sissy with the dentist sometimes. They made sure I was comfortable.”

You too can take a dental trip Los Algodones and save thousands of dollars on the treatment you need.

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