Dental Work in Algodones – 3 Lesser Known Facts

Did you know snowbirds from the United States and as far as Canada call Algodones their second home? dental-work-in-los-algodonesAnd that Algodones hosts more dentists, opticians, and pharmacies in a four block area than any other place in the world of similar area?  And that you could be spoilt for choices hunting for good dental work in Algodones for there are more than 300 dentists to choose from?

Trivia aside, it’s easy to get lost while scavenging for dental clinics on US-Mexico border, this post intends to acquaint you with five things to bear in mind before embarking on a dental trip to Los Algodones, Baja California (BC).

1. Not all kinds of dental work in Los Algodones are created equal

What’s surprising, even hilarious, about crossing borders to Los Algodones, BC for getting dental treatments is not local thugs coming up to you and offering all sorts of illicit things in a hushed voice. Instead, you could be haggled by a clandestine sales pitch that goes – “Psst, Señor, you want a good dentist?” And it’s nothing short of a herculean task to choose from over 300 dentists. Be advised that you do a thorough research before putting faith in more than 300-dentist strong dentistry in Los Algodones. Make sure you find answers to hard posed questions like, “does Algodones really have good dental clinics?” or “is Algodones safe for dental tourists” etc.

2. Nor are dental treatment prices in Los Algodones

Christy of Ordinary Traveller blog cites cost of dental work in Los Algodones as one of the reasons why she loves Mexico. algodones-shopping-arcadeShe says – “Something that would cost $3000 without insurance in the States, can be less than $500 in Algodones.” But here’s a word of caution Christy and other dental tourists to Algodones: don’t buy something just because it’s really cheap. And while choosing something so serious a business as dental tourism in Los Algodones, safety  should be your first concern. Make sure you know everything about the dentist and dental clinic – his education, experience, and other professional associations. And after repeated warnings by the US medical authorities on Los Algodones being dentistry wild west, it’s imperative that buyer beware. Employ services of a medical tourism agency; it’s safest route to Algodones.

3. Research well on your dental treatment in Los Algodones

Chances are you’d base all your research on the news items you see floating all over the Internet and offline. Please bear in mind, the press coverage is not entirely free of bias. More often, you are more likely to find news that plays on negativity. And isn’t that what news does? Rarely do we find a story of hope being played out loud.

Don’t let a few negative news items bring your research to a grinding halt. With objectivity as your beacon, ferret out the stories of hope as well. Not all dental work in Algodones is ‘botched up’.

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