Lap Band in Ciudad Juarez

Like every other terminally obese person, Brian wanted a new lease on life by undergoing weight loss surgery. He decided to get lap band in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

With the rising costs of healthcare, going to Mexico for bariatric surgeries is a viable alternative for a nation that is constantly trying to combat the terror of obesity.

Why Get Gastric Banding in Ciudad Juarez, MX?

  • lap-band-in-ciudad-juarezBrian decided to get Bariatric surgery in Mexico, and is all praise for laparoscopic gastric band in Ciudad Juarez. Overall, I lost about 80 pounds, (from 250-170), and now weigh about 180, and do not seem to be gaining any more weight,” he said.“I still am restricted in how much I can swallow or drink at any given moment, but certainly can swallow much more liquids now. And I’m obviously pleased that I am NOT putting any weight back on. I had to buy all new clothes twice. My neck shirt size went from a 19 to a 17-1/2, my waist from 44” to about 35” now. 36” jeans I have to wear a belt and suspenders or they fall off.
  • Lap band is a reversible and adjustable procedure that is considered much safer than all other bariatric procedures. According to the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, Adjustable Gastric Banding has mortality rate of less than 0.1. It is reported to be the procedure of choice for the likes of Sharon Osbourne and Khaliah Ali.
  • Anybody opting for this procedure would first want to inquire the competence of surgeons for gastric band surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  Our network bariatric surgeons in Mexico are highly experienced professionals.
  • Mexico’s standing as a decent healthcare destination is affirmed by the growing numbers of medical tourists here. In 2009 alone, Mexico attracted 50,000 medical tourists generating an income of $650 million, according to the Health Digital System.
  • Brian couldn’t afford the cost of lap band in his home country. The cost of lap band surgery in Ciudad Juarez is significantly lower than that in the first world countries.
  • The geographical proximity of Ciudad Juarez to the US is also finding favor with Americans who have a busy schedule. ‘Weekend’ surgeries are a big hit with Americans from New Mexico. For the same reason, Californians are increasingly crossing borders to get lap band surgery in Tijuana.

Tips for People considering Gastric Banding in Ciudad Juarez

  • the-us-mexico-borderThe city of Ciudad Juarez is witnessing a slowdown in criminal activities. However, to stay safe, it is best to keep a low=profile and avoid flaunting any cash or jewellery.
  • You may consider bringing someone along for support when you arrive for lap band bariatric surgery in Ciudad Juarez.
  • Engage a medical tourism agency to coordinate with hospitals and surgeons on your behalf.
  • Keep all documents and medical reports handy.
  • Plan a flexible schedule.
  • Lap band surgery requires an elaborate post-op monitoring. Consult with your doctor the monitoring prospects in your home country.
  • Generally, US nationals do not require a visa for up to 72 hours, but you may need to get a tourist card for travelling 20-30 km beyond the border zone.

Taking the cost into account, lap band in Ciudad Juarez appears attractive not just to medical tourists from the stateside but also to people from other parts of the world.

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