Things to Know Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery – Mexico Surgeon

The video shows a leading cosmetic surgeon from Mexico talk about the things to consider before undergoing a cosmetic surgery. He emphasizes the need to share with the surgeon your medication history, and avoid tobacco and alcohol for good results after the surgery.

Following is the video narration:

“For a cosmetic surgery the ideal process to happen before having the surgery is of course being stable in any condition they can have. Avoid the blood thinners, aspirin atleast two weeks before coming to surgery, and always tell the doctor what medicines you are taking by prescription or no, to make the best plan for you.  And if you have to stop taking some medications, you have to. And if the doctor thinks that you can take whatever you are taking, that is good. So my advice is: always tell in advance to the surgeon what medicines you are taking.

“Of course, if you are heavy smoker, you are not good candidate.  And if you smoke certain amount of tobacco, it is good to lower the amount of tobacco that you use. Of course alcohol and any other drugs, you have to be atleast two– three weeks without those things in your body to have a really good surgery and then a good result.”

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