Cancun Dentist Demonstrates Dental Implants

The video shows a leading dental implant surgeon from Cancun demonstrating dental implants in layman terms.


Narration – “So this is the way that we teach, sometimes for our students, what types of implants do we have, what different prosthetics parts we are giving. So, these are the types of implants that we’ve used for many many years and we still use them, this is an external hex implant meaning that, you can see the hex out here. We have internal hex implants, these are most commonly used nowadays, and these are still used for hybrid type restorations more than anything.

So, we’re gonna focus on this i.e. internal hex implant and these are all the prosthetics, different prosthetics…that we can use. To start with, for example, we can say that if we’re gonna take an impression of an implant, we can do a implant level impression that would be type of like this, retentions in order for them to hold the impression material and to remove you can either bring it here or in a close tray you remove it and then you take this out and place it back into impression…

So, now for the prosthetic we have limitation, for example, if you’re in the interior segment, you can use what is called a zirconia abutment, and these types of abutments we use in if the patient has very …can you hear how it goes in? This would be the prosthetic screw and you have a special screw driver to put it into the mouth and screw in the implants. Once it’s screwed in, it cannot be taken out. That’s more or less the way that it works in the mouth. You have to put in the screw driver and remove it…and there we go.

These, for example, zirconia abutments, this is how basically abutments that have already existing abutments, whole of this that we see here. If you wanna do a customized abutment, i.e. we need to do something in the lab, that is, for example is a very common thing used and is called UCLA abutments. This is usually made up of plastic and we just have this part in metal so that you will have a machine part that will go and be very exact to the implant. But this, for example…up a crown here and if you’re doing a screw…you will keep this…open, so you have access to the screw anytime you need it. Imagine a crown that was here and then this is gonna be a final restoration once you put…into metal and just fuse the porcelain into it. So, that’s the UCLA abutment.

And then we have all these different abutments that you can put in and if it’s perfect, perfectly placed implant and the height of this is correct…you may have special impression coatings for it, to go on top of it and that will become your impression.

We have protection caps, if you’re gonna leave this in the mouth of the patient…these edges will be very uncomfortable, so this is the protection cap that will go on top of the implant, while you having the restoration made for the implant. These are all the types of abutments that we have. We have …abutments meaning that, you can put it in there and you can…them so that you can have finishing line to the height that you need. We have pre angled abutments in case  your implant is not in the right position where you need it and you…come out this way. These types of pre angled abutments will redirect the position in order for us to be able to create a restoration that comes into the arch of the teeth.

This is basically same thing but for the external hex. You can see the hex so you see how these fit in there properly and same thing you can screw that part down to it. So, these are just some of the many variables that we have nowadays. Now, a lot use CAD/CAM technology to…take the impression, you scan those impressions with an optical scanner and then the computers design your abutments and you have that milled in the machine – a robotic machine. So, you can those in Titanium, you can have those in Zirconia. Options are, these options keep going as technology advances”

In another video, the same dentist from Cancun recommends dental implant surgery in for the old .


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