Detached Retina Surgery in Mexico – Diagnostic Reports Required

This video discusses the diagnostic reports required for Detached Retina Surgery.


Video Narration:

“An Ophthalmologist has to see the patient and be sure that he has the detached retina, if that’s the case then it becomes, so it’s an emergency procedure, you know you cannot have the retina detached for the macula…vision more than 48 hrs and respected to have a central vision. But even though you don’t get the central vision, you get the peripheral vision. So retinal detachment needs to be seen by an Ophthalmologist if they had a way to be sure that they have a retinal detachment or in diabetics  they will have to have a fluorescence angiogram and OCT to see what is the status of the retina at that time. When there is vitreous hemorrhage, they won’t be able to see the fluorescence angiogram  won’t that useful, but the ultrasound is useful for that.

90 percent and then it mostly depends on the situation, if they only have a vitreous hemorrhage the success is high, however when they develop retinal detachment they have considerable amount of…thet diagnosis is not, it very much depends on the advancement of the disease in their eyes. For some people it is very sick and the success rates will decrease to 70 percent.

Well we all are excited to have this practice, because it helps a lot of people, and it’s a lot of teaching involved because the  population has to know that they have to take care of their diabetics always in order to be able to cope with this disease and have a good quality of life and the entire time that they are alive. ”

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