Dental Clinic in Los Algodones Impresses American Patient

In this video you will see an American patient speaking about her experience of obtaining dental implants in Los Algodones – Mexico.


Following is the video narration:

“Everyone was very professional, very nice, accommodating, very accommodating. I would definitely recommend. I think I had a better experience here than I have probably anywhere, like in the United States. I think safe.

“And I am actually a dental assistant. I went to school for it and I put up a couple of applications, but I haven’t gone. I wanted to have my teeth fixed first before I went to, like for, work.

“It took hours, like, that date because it was all caps, which normally I guess they won’t do that in other places which I prefer it have just all done at once, but it is kind of like, kind of stressful, I don’t mean stressful because normally when, you know, do that I rather have it all done at once, than to go back each day and it’s just, well that’s gonna be stressful. But that was like not late procedures, like four, five hours, four hours I think, not even that, I think it was like the could I have the implant done to like three or four hours.

“Definitely not. The first time I thought the first time I was because of all of the, whatever you would call it. My mom and my son were ‘o my gosh, do you know what’s going on down there?’ I’m all yeah but it’s like right on the border and it’s supposed to be different and stuff, and then I come down here and I see nothing but just right and regular people, I mean it’s nothing and no one bothers you and it’s just not bad at all. I mean I have had no trouble at all. No one even, I think I have more trouble where I live.”

Mexico Health offers dental treatment options in Cancun, Los Algodones and Tijuana. Satisfied clients like the one in this video may serve as ambassadors of the high-quality dental implants in Mexico, and the foolproof service of mexico Health.


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