Global Standards of Hygiene at Dental Clinic in Cancun

The video shows a top prosthodontist offering assurance of cleanliness and hygiene at his upmarket dental clinic in Cancun. While the quality is top notch at this clinic, prices of almost all cosmetic dental procedures surely hit the rock bottom, especially so when compared to the costs in the developed economies. Evidently, low cost of living in Mexico is driving the growth of dental tourism economy in the country. In a related video, the dentist explains types of dental bone grafting procedures in Mexico that are on offer.

Narration – “In Cancun, specially Cancun the water is very hard water and that term you would understand but we have a system that completely goes through carbon and salt and everything to make it softer and that goes through different types of filters.

For our chairs, the recipients will be used to water forth…is actually touching patients’ mouth and everything, we take that out from drinking water.

For our chairs, for the actual water that’s gonna be in the mouth of the patients we use boiled water for several reasons. Number one, is cleanliness, number two is, so that all our hand piece and everything will be running on pure clear water…”

Whether you’re hunting for low cost tooth pegs or high end Empress crowns, Cancun offers a plethora of choices to dental tourists. What’s more, Cancun’s reputation of being a no holds barred tropical holiday destination is often beefed up in glossy travel magazines. If planned well in advance, a dental vacation to Cancun can unveil a new world of excitement and cost cutting to the medical tourists. Apart from quality doctors with technologically advanced clinics in Cancun providing global standards of hygiene, the Carribean sea and a glimpse of the rich Mexican culture can help you overcome your treatment anxiety.

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