Mexico Cancer Center

Modern, high tech cancer centers in Mexico have emerged as reliable treatment options for people who cannot afford the costly treatment of cancer in their own home countries and are open to the idea of traveling to another country for availing low cost therapy. Many cancer hospitals in Mexico especially cater to the needs of medical tourists who come here for cancer treatment.

dscn1638From treatments that are tailored to meet individual needs to employing an integrative medical approach towards cancer, treatments for cancer in Mexico are beneficial to those who are seeking reliable healthcare at an affordable cost.Medical tourism in Mexico has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years.

Mexico’s proximity to the U.S.A, especially to the state of California makes it convenient for many Americans to cross over, for cancer treatment. According to statistics released by the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California for the year 2009, close to 8 million people went to Tijuana, Mexico for some type of medical treatment.

Why Cancer Treatment in Mexico

Mexico cancer treatment centers offer world class medical facilities at a cost lower than the cost of cancer treatments in western countries. From the clinics curing cancer using conventional methods to alternative cancer treatment centers using cutting edge technology, Mexico abounds in cancer facilities that cater to the individual needs of the medical tourists. With numerous internationally accredited oncology centers in Mexico, many medical tourists feel confident in seeking cure for cancer in Mexico.

Here are some of the reasons why Mexico has emerged as a favorite destination for medical tourists seeking cancer treatment outside their home countries.

  • Presence of internally accredited cancer hospitals in Mexico.
  • Cost of cancer treatment in Mexico is a fraction of the cost of treatment in the U.S.A and the West European countries.
  • No waiting period for the cancer patients at cancer clinics in Mexico, unlike the long queues for treatment in the western countries.
  • English speaking staff at cancer treatment centers in Mexico.
  • Internationally trained doctors in Mexico, who are as adept and qualified as the western doctors.
  • Proximity to the U.S border, which makes it convenient for American cancer patients to cross over for cancer treatments to Mexico, such as chemotherapy, at a much cheaper cost.
  • The beautiful locales of Mexico offer medical tourists a rejuvenating holiday to recuperate after a cancer treatment in Mexico.

Cancer Treatment in Mexico: Things You Should Know

Millions of medical tourists flock to Mexico every year to avail cheap, yet world class health facilities. From skin cancer treatment in Mexico to alternative cancer cures, the Mexican cancer centers offer treatments that are a boon for patients who are uninsured and cannot afford the costly self-paid treatments in their own countries.

However, there are a few things to do before one embarks on a journey for cancer treatment in Mexico:

  • Make sure your physician back home is informed of your decision to avail treatment for cancer in Mexico. You may need her or his assistance when you reach back home.
  • Thoroughly check the credentials of the cancer clinics in Mexico before you undertake the journey. Ask them to send you the necessary documents and testimonials via the net.
  • Make sure you check the references of the cancer doctors in Mexico you wish to consult.
  • Certain cities in Mexico have reported sporadic incidents of violence. Exercise caution and avoid traveling alone in Mexico.
  • Many cancer clinics in Mexico offer alternative cures for cancer that are unproven and unauthorized. Consult people who have undergone such treatments before you decide to try out an alternative cure for cancer at your own discretion.

Mexico Medical Tourism

dscn0261The exotic environs of this Latin American country are a perfect place to recuperate for those who visit Mexico for a cancer treatment. Here are a few things that you can do in Mexico when you visit the place for a cancer treatment.

  • Visit the National Museum of Anthropology.
  • Experience the historical significance of the National Palace that was once occupied by Hernán Cortés.
  • Enjoy spending time in Zocalo, one of the largest public plazas in the world.
  • Fall in love with the spectacular Ballet Folklorico de Mexico.
  • If accompanied by children, the 1600 acre Chapultepec Park is the perfect place to visit.
  • Enjoy the grandeur of the Catillo de Chapultepec.

Innumerable attractions await the medical tourists who undertake an exciting journey to Mexico to cure them of cancer and to recuperate in the refreshing environs of the country. Ask for quotes from Mexico cancer centers to get a rough idea of how much the medical trip will cost.


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