Before and After: Double Chin and Bichat’s Fat Pad Removal in Tijuana

The video shows the authentic results of two patients who underwent double chin and Bichat’s fat pad removal in Tijuana. Results after facial plastic surgery in Mexico speak volumes about the competence of its plastic surgeons who’ve built an impressive portfolio by catering to millions of Americans seeking low cost cosmetic surgery.

Cheek reduction and double chin removal entails facial liposuction which these procedures relatively scar free and painless.  It is hard to make out the difference that you’ve had a cosmetic surgery done in the face. The healing is quick and clients are relieved promptly. This buccal fat removal paired with double chin liposuction make your face look more angular, youthful, symmetrical, and definitely a lot more attractive.

Be advised that the jowls you get rid of in Tijuana run the risk of reappearing if healthy lifestyle isn’t maintained. A significant commitment on your part is required in order to sustain the results after buccal fat excision and double chin removal in Mexico.

If Tijuana doesn’t fit the bill for it could be far away from your city, facial cosmetic surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is a good alternative.


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