Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico – Candidate Profile

In this video, a leading Mexican cosmetic surgeon discusses the butt lift and the profile of an ideal candidate for the same.


Narration – “The Brazillian butt lift is actually injection of fat, most of the times from waist of the patient in to the butt area, so in that way we can have butt enhancement with the patient’s own fat, so that is the Brazillian butt lift. The best candidate is a young patient who hasn’t had a weight gain, not much I would say, not those patients who are gaining and losing weight. So it’s patients with stable weight, good quality of skin. Patients who exercise or work out. That basically is the best candidate.

Brazilian butt lift is for women who’ve broken a sweat for a perfect derriere but without much avail. Brazilian butt lift is an easy procedure with fast recovery. What more, you can top it up with breast implants in Mexico and dazzle your better half or lover with your newly acquired assets.


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