Cosmetic Surgery For The Face In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The video shows before and after slideshow of results after facial cosmetic surgery in Ciudad Juarez. The client underwent a couple of procedures to have the looks she always desired. In Mexico, the plastic surgery procedures for the face are gaining traction as country is taking proactive measures to make the turf safe, affordable, and world-class for medical tourists from the US and Canada.


To shed the notoriety associated with the city, the law enforcement and media are hand in glove to shed the legacy of crime. The streets of Ciudad Juarez are much safer now.

Clearing the doubt that the country is still unsafe as it was 20 years ago, Jesus Garcia, chief of forensic lab, says – “The idea that every woman here is a victim is false, the media has already marked Ciudad Juarez for what happened 20 years ago, now every time there is a crime against a woman it is amplified, but it is different now.”

Rest assured that as a medical tourist to the city, authorities will pay extra attention to ensure your safety. As the city draws more medical tourists to the city, the safety and quality becomes the priority.

Every now and then, the concerns are raised about results after facial plastic surgery in Mexico, which is totally base and has no grounding in facts. The Mexican surgeons, by virtue of dealing with enormous numbers of low cost surgery seekers, have gathered formidable experience. They are embarking on newer plastic surgery procedures to make sure clients find what they’re looking for when they travel to the country.
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