Weight Loss Surgery, Mexico – Success Story

Watch Diana talk about her niece who had a successful weight loss surgery in Mexico, and how she felt encouraged to undergo the procedure herself.


Following is the video narration:

“One of my nieces also had surgery at the same time that my brother did, and she has lost pretty much the same amount of my brother, because she is on twenty-three kilos, so it’s around sixty pounds. And she is young; she is twenty-six, or twenty-seven old. And if that was one of the things that made me had surgery because of there is someone that age who decides to have surgery, something so invasive done, why don’t I try to do it. But she’s doing well, she looks so good for being young, and with that amount of pounds for losing, you know, she has her life ahead of her, you know, full of good things. And she is so beautiful. She started spinning classes, she’s going to the gym. So she is doing a lot of things that for a long time she was not able to do.”
Affordable surgery options in Mexico are catching the interest of people young as well as old. Not only weight loss procedures, but dental services and cosmetic surgery procedure in Mexico are also becoming very popular. The cost of most of these procedures in Mexico are  fraction of what one pays in the US, Canada or the UK, and with easy accessibility, world-class hospitals and highly qualified medical professionals, Mexico becomes a very lucrative option.
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