Augmentation Mammoplasty in Cancun, Mexico

Claire from England talks about her breast augmentation surgery in Cancun.

Following is the video narration:

“I mean, I really wasn’t like really unhappy with myself, I just felt like, I mean everybody has parts of their bodies that they don’t like, and I felt for my body shape, my height, and then I had lost weight as well, so when I used to have more than what I have, you remember everything, and I don’t know just the way the clothes fit and you see other girls and I don’t know it just makes you want it more, and it’s something that I had always thought about  that it wouldn’t ever be possible for me, I thought I would never have the spare money to do that, or I would be too scared to go ahead with the procedure, but the more that I spoke to the people and the more that it became like ‘in my world’ real, the more I wanted to go ahead and do it, and it’s been really like in the last two years that I’ve been really like ‘I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it’, like if I could do it tomorrow, I would go right ahead and do it tomorrow.

“But, like the whole experience for me was really good, and after as well I couldn’t believe how fast I recovered from everything, like the second that I walk off from the anesthesia I was, I didn’t have any sickness, I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t sleepy, I didn’t feel bad. Actually the news came in to me like Oh! this is so strange because normally a feels a little bit sleepy, or they feel a bit sick because of the anesthesia, but me I was like oh watching tv and I am like: ok, can I go home now, or I don’t know.

“And actually one of my friends took care of me and she had breast surgery, and she was like I hate you, I am so jealous because I had such a worthless experience like I couldn’t move, I had a lot amount of pain, and I was just, she was like it’s looks like you have noting done because you are moving around fine, and you’re talking, and you have a good appetite and you don’t feel sick and you look like nothing happened.

“Right now I am still wearing my special bra, so you can’t see the full results yet, but everybody’s been telling me like, wow, it looks really good because you didn’t got too big, it’s not too small, it’s like fits perfect for your body. And actually it got something for me before I get the surgery as well I was between sizes and my surgeon he recommended one size to me, and even up until the two minutes before going in to the surgery I was like oh! maybe it’s too small like know I had a new brand of implants which is out more than it’s bigger. So, I was like not sure if it was gonna work, I felt I was gonna wake up and go God! I don’t look any different, but I am super-happy, I am really happy with the size I am in and more when everybody tells me wow! You look so good, I can’t wait till you’re like all ready and you can start to wear all your clothes where you can see the boobs and everything, I am super-happy, I can’t wait. ”

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