Mexico Dentists Appreciated by American Patient

An American businesswoman is lavish in her praise for the dentists in Mexico that served her.


Following is the video narration:

“Couldn’t be more professional. They are artists; those doctors, they are artists. They do your teeth like painting, you know. They take every minute that they putting them right; they are not rushing you. They don’t care how many hours they spend, which is unlike, I’m sorry, in the States. They are there on the clock. And money is on the clock.

“Here, I think myself they are very generous, very generous. And the place is real wonderful, you come in the front there, you know, no reception. They’re so kind, and welcome you and the manager there he runs around all the time, Martin.

“Everybody’s there to be for you, and that’s not usual in the world today, you know. You don’t usually get that kind of treatment. I think it’s fabulous. I wish I had known about it twenty years ago, I probably would have been here, you know. But I didn’t. I am happy to be here now.”

World-class dental services are offered by Mexico Health in Tijuana, Cancun and Los Algodones. Our network hospitals in Mexico are well-equipped and use the latest technology for treatment. Moreover, the price that you end up paying for such world-class services is a mere fraction of what you would be required to pay in the US, the UK or Canada.

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