Life After Tummy Tuck Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

In this video, Teresa from Austin, Texas, talks about the dramatic transformation of her life after getting cosmetic surgery in Cancun, Mexico.



Narration – “Oh yes, when I got back to work, I have several supervisors there who work under me and have lots of employees and lot of customers, my clients. And everybody is just like “Wow!” and my friend that I’ve known for couple of years picked me up from the airport and she walked by me once and didn’t realize it was me and I was waiting for a minute, she turned around and she came back and she is looking at me, she says – “Teresa is that you?”. She didn’t recognize me (laughs) but, yeah I don’t look anything like my work IDs and stuff anymore so I had to…my IDs so.


“There were a few negative comments about going abroad; they were concerned about acquiring an infection like when I got back to the United States and something and somehow acquire an infection and myself I just, I went to my personal doctor in the States and they checked me over and they actually gave me…but I’ve been fine. ”


“Myself, when I was here the first time, I had brought all the wrong clothes with me, okay, when you have cosmetic surgery, especially like in your stomach area, you’re gonna swell up like a biscuit, okay, you’re gonna look like a…don’t bring jeans (chuckles). Bring, this time I brought the pyjama pants, you know with elastic bands and I brought some shorts and stuff but it’s all elastic as opposed to bringing jeans and stuff like that.”


“I actually, I arrived Saturday evening and I don’t have my surgery until tomorrow, so I had Saturday evening, I was sort of different places Saturday evening, I actually ate food in Cosmo’s and I took…umm…from, I flew the Cosmo and I took the fairy over to Playa Del Carmen and from Playa Del Carmen, I took the bus over to Cancun, but it gave me a chance to really see the area and really interact you know with different areas and Sunday I spent took the bus back to Playa Del Carmen and I spent Sunday there and today here in Cancun, I just spent some time doing the tourism, checking things out here in Cancun.”


“It’s a wonderful experience, people are going to, people are gonna hate you when you get back home, okay, they’re gonna go – “Oh, I hate you!” but they really love you actually, but everybody is gonna be so jealous when you get home.”


Teresa also reviews plastic surgery in Cancun describing her motivations and how she made a killing when she compares the cost in the US with that in Cancun.


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