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Spine Surgery

Many specialized spine hospitals and medical centres in Mexico cater to foreign patients beleaguered by debilitating spine disorders. You want to overcome that disgusting pain in the back, but if delayed…

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Eye Surgery

LASIK laser eye surgery in Mexico and other vision correction treatments are a hit among medical tourists primarily due to their significantly low costs as compared to the US. Mexican…

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Cosmetic Surgery

Mexico provides a good alternative to expensive cosmetic treatments in the US and Canada. The expertise of the surgeons, their hygienic practices, short waiting time, and affordability of esthetic treatments…

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Fertility Treatments

Mexico fertility clinics are giving new hopes to people struggling with the problems of infertility. Fertility clinics in Mexico offer in-vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, sperm donation options for female/male…

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Dental Implants, crowns and bridges and other dental treatments, which may be inaccessible to many US and Canadian patients due to high costs there, are available in Mexico at significantly…

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Stem Cells

Mexico is popular among medical tourists looking to undergo stem cell treatment for conditions that may not be curable through these methods in other countries. Stem cell therapies offer cures…

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