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Treatment Plan for Stem Cell Therapies in Mexico – Part 2

In this second part of the video, a leading stem cell surgeon discusses how a treatment plan for stem cell therapies in Mexico is made. The surgeon remains in constant communication with the patient for two months prior to the patient flying down to Mexico for autologous or adult stem cell therapy. It is during […]

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Stem Cell Treatment Planning in Mexico – Part 1

The video shows a top stem cell specialist showing how stem cell treatment planning is done in Mexico. The doctor delves into day-wise break-up of the itinerary. A treatment plan is usually made after a thorough analysis of your reports for stem cell therapy in Mexico. Narration – “When the patient comes to me, I […]

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Success Rate for Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

The video shows a famous stem cell therapist disclosing the success rate of stem cell therapy at his Mexico clinic. The specialist contends more than 80% of his patients respond well to the initial therapy. This is no small feat as stem cell therapy is still in the pilot testing stage, so to speak. According […]

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Implant Dentist Tijuana – Education and Experience

The video shows an implant dentist from Tijuana talking about his education and experience. The dentist has been in practice for over 4 decades and has served hundreds of clients. With the steep prices of sophisticated dental treatments in the US and Canada, many people seek affordable dental care in Mexico. The low-cost of dental […]

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Teeth Plates in Tijuana, Mexico

Teeth plates or dental plates are removable dentures, opted for by people who have missing teeth. Like all dental prosthesis, teeth plates can be expensive. Infact, one may be able to afford dental implants in Mexico for the price of dental plates in the US or Canada. But dental implants are not for everyone and […]

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Types of Dental Caps and Crowns in Tijuana

The video shows an experienced cosmetic dentist from Tijuana going over dental crowns and caps. Tijuana is an emerging hub for low cost dental tourism. This dentist from Tijuana is also a dental veneer specialist.   Narration – “When a tooth, you have your natural tooth in really bad shape, it means that because of […]

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