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Laparoscopic Ovarian Cyst Surgery – Gynecologist, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

This video shows a renowned gynecologist from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico explaining ovarian cyst surgery. The chief advantages of choosing gynecological procedure such as laparoscopic ovarian cyst surgery or tubal ligation reversal in Mexico are the remarkably lower costs and choice of a vast number of highly skilled surgeons. Hospitals in Mexico are also well equipped with […]

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Pars Plana Vitrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows a renowned Mexican Ophthalmologist explaining Pars Plana Vitrectomy in Tijuana.     Following is the video narration. “Patients with diabetes or with vascular disorders in their eyes or just vein occlusions frequently have a complication called vitreous haemorrhage. It’s bleeding inside the cavity of the eye and that vitreous haemorrhage and sometimes […]

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Dental Center in Los Algodones – Mexico – Hygiene Maintenance

This video talks about the hygiene standards of Dental Center in Los Algodones, Mexico. Video Narration “Yes we have our own room for sterilize. We have two girls that would do housekeeping in the clinic. They are always in on top of the clinic also. Not just bathrooms and towels but in sterilizing we have our own, we […]

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Opthalmologist on Lasik Surgery – Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows a renowned opthalmologist talking about lasik surgery, Mexico (Tijuana).   Following is the video narration. “Laser vision correction has alternatives. The first alternative is to wear glasses. The Second alternative would be to wear contact lenses. But for people that wishes to have a more active life, glass and contact lenses donot work […]

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Minimally Invasive Meniscus Repair Surgery – Orthopedic Surgeon, CJS, Mexico

This video shows a renowned orthopedic surgeon from CJS, Mexico discussing about the minimally invasive meniscus repair surgery. Following is the video narration. “In the knee joint we have the cartilage surface and inbetween both bones – the femur and the tibia, we have a cushion tissue which is the meniscal tissue. As you can […]

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Orthopedic Surgeon – Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on Arthroscopic Ankle Joint Surgery

This video shows a leading orthopedic surgeon from Mexico talking about arthroscopic ankle joint surgery.   Following is the video narration. “The ankle joint is also …to a lot of stress being a bearing joint. The problems that we generally find there is joint wear arthritis and instability. People who have gone through ankle sprains, […]

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