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Teeth Plates in Tijuana, Mexico

Teeth plates or dental plates are removable dentures, opted for by people who have missing teeth. Like all dental prosthesis, teeth plates can be expensive. Infact, one may be able to afford dental implants in Mexico for the price of dental plates in the US or Canada. But dental implants are not for everyone and […]

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Types of Dental Caps and Crowns in Tijuana

The video shows an experienced cosmetic dentist from Tijuana going over dental crowns and caps. Tijuana is an emerging hub for low cost dental tourism. This dentist from Tijuana is also a dental veneer specialist.   Narration – “When a tooth, you have your natural tooth in really bad shape, it means that because of […]

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Dental Veneers Specialist in Tijuana Explains Dental Veneers

The video shows a dental veneers specialist from Tijuana going into finest details of what dental veneers entail. Dental service in Mexico is witnessing high octane growth as more Americans dare to bypass expensive dental care north side of the border. Dental tourism in Mexico, it seems, is not just inexpensive but also a chance […]

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Glaucoma Eye Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

If you are having trouble with your vision, you might be suffering from glaucoma. So talk to your doctor and if confirmed, look into the option of glaucoma eye surgery in Tijuana, Mexico to alleviate the problem without burning a hole in your pocket. With their topnotch surgical hospitals and leading ophthalmologic surgeons, increasing numbers […]

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Meniscus Repair Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

A meniscus tear can cause extreme discomfort and impact the quality of your life. If you are suffering excruciating pain from a knee injury and are unable to move around, you can consider meniscus repair surgery in Tijuana, Mexico to get respite at a fraction of American prices. With their premier surgical hospitals and leading […]

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Real Results – Abdomen and Thigh Liposuction in Tijuana, Mexico

The video shows before and after slide show of a middle aged woman who, like countless others, travelled all the way to Tijuana, Mexico for liposuction of thighs and abdomen. The results of liposculpting look impressive to say the least. The love handles are gone and thighs look slender. The woman looks at least 10 […]

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