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Tijuana | Mexico Health - Part 18

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Gastric Bypass in Tijuana – Mexico

Gastric bypass in Tijuana, Mexico offers the twin benefits of being performed close to home but at a fraction of the cost of the procedure in the United States. Located just across the border from San Diego, California, the Mexican town of Tijuana offers easy access to American citizens as well as international visitors. Gastric […]

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Hospital in Tijuana – Mexico

The picture shows the beautiful building of a leading hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. The hospital provides comprehensive medical treatment in many specialties including Nephrology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Tijuana

Affordable cosmetic surgery in Tijuana, a border town in Mexico, is encouraging U.S. citizens to visit the bustling city for nips and tucks. According to the article “For cheaper medical care, try Tijuana,” written by Remy Scalza and published in the Washington Post on March 4, 2011, U.S. citizens typically pay 40-50 percent less for […]

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Surgeons in Mexico

Surgeons in Mexico attract a significant number of patients from all over the world due to their inclination to charge a lot less than medical specialists in the US and Europe. Many health insurance providers don’t cover all expenses related to surgical procedures, especially when it comes to plastic surgery solutions or eye surgery needs. […]

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Lap Band in Tijuana – Mexico

Lap Band in Tijuana, Mexico is emerging as a lucrative option for people unable to bear the cost of weight loss surgery in their native countries. The cost of bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery in Mexico is estimated to be 30-40% of that in the first world countries. According to a report by Horowitz, […]

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