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Plastic Surgery Story – Cancun, Mexico

Michelle from Canada shares her experience about getting cosmetic surgery procedures done in Cancun, Mexico. Following is the video narration: “I have come here for laser hair-removal, because it bothered me always under the arm, and I also come every few months and have the pixels from my face. And the pixel, it has been […]

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Life After Tummy Tuck Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

In this video, Teresa from Austin, Texas, talks about the dramatic transformation of her life after getting cosmetic surgery in Cancun, Mexico.     Narration – “Oh yes, when I got back to work, I have several supervisors there who work under me and have lots of employees and lot of customers, my clients. And […]

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How Good is Plastic Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

The video shows Teresa from Austin, Texas sharing her experience of getting plastic surgery in Cancun, Mexico.   Narration – “My name is Teresa Burton I’m from Austin, Texas and I’m an area manager with Goodwill industries. I, last year I decided that I wanted to work on myself you know my professional image and […]

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Michelle Reviews Nose Job in Cancun, Mexico

In this video, Michelle from Canada, who underwent nose surgery in Cancun, talks about Cancun as a medical tourism destination.   Narration – “It’s a wonderful place, I travelled afar and we have a very advanced city, we have amazing shopping here, phenomenal we have…stores…American stores…and everything we have more advanced than south Paris. Shopping […]

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Mexico – Tijuana Dental Testimonial Video

This is a Tijuana dental testimonial video showing a patient talking about her quality dental care in Mexico.     Following is the video narration.   “I  am very satisfied with the work done by doctor and his staff. I am very impressed with their technology and equipment that they use and the prices are […]

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