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Real Patient reviews Crowns Dentist in Cancun

The video shows a Connecticut resident reviewing her experience with crowns dentist in Cancun. The availability of plethora of dental treatments and global standards of hygiene at dental clinic in Cancun is a reason why so many Americans and Canadians like to visit this city in the Yucatan peninsula. Did we forget to mention that […]

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Weight Loss Surgery, Mexico – Success Story

Watch Diana talk about her niece who had a successful weight loss surgery in Mexico, and how she felt encouraged to undergo the procedure herself.         Following is the video narration:     “One of my nieces also had surgery at the same time that my brother did, and she has lost pretty much the […]

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Bariatric Surgeon, Mexico – Patient Testimonial

This video is about a gastric sleeve surgeon in Mexico being praised by his patient from the US. She is profusely appreciative of his humane, faith inducing behavior. Following is the video narration: “I went to many many places, looking to where I was going to trust, or who I was going to trust to […]

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico – Patient Speaks

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico has been responsible for numerous satisfied patients from all over the world. This video shows Serena talking about her experience of undergoing a gastric sleeve in Mexico.   Following is the video narration: “Had my surgery on April third this year. I have lost forty-six pounds so far, as of […]

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Dental Hospital in Cancun

The video shows a leading Cancun dentist describing the services and cordiality at his dental hospital in Cancun’s heart.  The impressive education and experience of Cancun dentists’ is just one factor driving dental tourism growth in this Mexican city, the world class infrastructure and compliance with JCI is another.   Narration – “This is a […]

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Restoring Smiles – Dental Crown Clinic in Algodones

The video shows a Californian talking enthusiastically about her smile being restored after visiting a top dental crown clinic in Algodones. Narration – “Well I had, I had a problem with my jaw, I had a head on collision in 85, I was…in another car. A lot of my upper jaw teeth were destroyed. So, […]

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