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Weight Loss Surgery Mexico – Success Story

Watch Diana talk about her niece who had a successful weight loss surgery in Mexico, and how she felt encouraged to undergo the procedure herself. Following is the video narration: “One of my nieces also had surgery at the same time that my brother did, and she has lost pretty much the same amount of my brother, because […]

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Patient Success Story – Gastric Plication in Mexico

Watch this video to see yet another weight loss success story in Mexico. This time, Diana speaks about her brother who underwent a painless, highly satisfying gastric plication surgery in Mexico. Following is the video narration: “He had a blast, you know. He says that he felt that he went to sleep, and woke up […]

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Bariatric Surgery Mexico – Patient Interview

Bariatric surgery in Mexico has been attracting patients from all over the world. This video shows Diana talking about the reasons why she chose to undergo the procedure in Mexico.   Following is the video narration: “I found out about that because of my brother; my brother had surgery before myself. He had the plication, […]

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Dental Crowns in Los Algodones – Patient Testimonial

Traveling to Los Algodones, Mexico, from California proved to be a wise decision for Tiss, who seems very pleased with the services he got there. Watch the video below and find out  for yourself why people go to Los Algodones for dental work. Video Transcription: “Hi. My name is Tis and I’m from Norden, California. […]

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Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Reviewed by Vanessa

Watch this video in which Houston-resident Vanessa Gonzalez reviews gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana. Vanessa was sleeved on August 26, 2014. This video was shot a day after her surgery.     Video transcription: “Hi, my name is Vanessa Gonzalez. I am from Houston and I am 27 years old. And my surgery with Dr. Curiel. I highly recommend […]

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Evangelynn Thurber – Gastric Sleeve in Cancun

I would like to tell you about my experience with Dr. Hector Perez Corzo in Cancun, Mexico.Cancun is one of the safest places in Mexico. There are police and security everywhere.  My husband and I didn’t feel like we were in any danger at all the whole time we were there. This is one of […]

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