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Affordable Tummy Tucks across the US – Mexico Border

With the availability of affordable tummy tucks across the US-Mexico border, Mexico is seeing a rise in the number of medical tourists benefiting their pockets with substantial savings.  

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Los Algodones Border Dental Clinics

James Brown, the lady-killing Godfather of Soul, once said, “Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things, he’s got it all.” The former is easy enough to take care of at home; however, the latter may need a dentist’s help. Exorbitant dental fees and lack […]

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Emax Teeth Crowns in Mexico

With the high price of dental care in the US, getting dental crowns when you need them is not always possible.  priced health care in Mexico allows you to receive high quality dental care when you need it. Getting emax teeth crowns in Mexico is easy, and affordable. According to the study “2011 Survey of Dental […]

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Dentures in Los Algodones – Mexico

Getting dentures in Los Algodones, Mexico is a cheap alternative to dental work in the United States. Dental work in Mexico is becoming popular as more and more people each day cross the border to take advantage of the amazingly low costs and exceptional quality of dental work in Los Algodones. The National Center for […]

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