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Dentistry | Mexico Health - Part 2

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Dental Crowns in Los Algodones – Patient Testimonial

Traveling to Los Algodones, Mexico, from California proved to be a wise decision for Tiss, who seems very pleased with the services he got there. Watch the video below and find out  for yourself why people go to Los Algodones for dental work. Video Transcription: “Hi. My name is Tis and I’m from Norden, California. […]

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Traveling to Los Algodones for Dental Work – Infographic

Take a look at this short and sweet infographic on travel-related information for Americans considering dentistry in Los Algodones, a leading dental tourism destination in Mexico right across Yuma in Arizona. We, at Mexico Health, have networked with one of the most sought dental clinics in the Mexican border town, which is a member of […]

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Orthognathic Surgery in Cancun

One way to correct misaligned jaws and teeth is orthognathic surgery. The procedure is alternatively known as corrective jaw surgery and aims at rectifying a number of dental and skeletal deformities. Orthognathic surgery in Cancun, Mexico gives one the advantage of getting quality treatment for a price that won’t burn a hole in the pocket. […]

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Partial Plates in Mexico

Partial dental plates can be sought by those who have some teeth remaining in their jaws. With the rising dental tourism industry in Mexico, the country offers a number of quality yet low cost options for partial plates. How much would Partial Denture Cost in Mexico? The following are our package prices for partial dental […]

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Dental Bridge in Los Algodones

Bent, crooked or even missing teeth can mar the most dazzling of smiles. You are automatically self-conscious of your dental imperfections because you do not want to become the butt of everyone’s jokes. However, many Americans who suffer from this dilemma are hesitant to get teeth bridges in the United States because of the cost. […]

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Zirconium Crowns in Los Algodones

For missing teeth and extremely large cavities that can threaten the health of the affected teeth, dental crowns are considered an optimum solution. And zirconium tooth crowns are preferred because of their strength and durability. In this article, we hope to enlighten those that have expressed curiosity on getting zirconium crowns in Los Algodones. A […]

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