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Plastic Surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The following slideshow offers a comparison of patients before they underwent certain plastic surgery procedures, and after. Our network’s plastic surgeons in Mexico are responsible for the satisfaction of several clients. You may be another satisfied client of Mexico Health. Following is the slideshow: You may also ask for a free quote for any procedure […]

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Facelift Surgery Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Following is a slideshow of images showing some clients “before” certain cosmetic surgery procedures in Mexico, and the result “after” undergoing it. The various cosmetic surgery procedures that are made available by Mexico Health are: Rhinoplasty Paranasal Work Double-chin Removal Nose Work Blepharoplasty Apart from Ciudad Juarez, you can also visit Cancun and Monterrey  to […]

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Lap Band in Ciudad Juarez

Like every other terminally obese person, Brian wanted a new lease on life by undergoing weight loss surgery. He decided to get lap band in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. With the rising costs of healthcare, going to Mexico for bariatric surgeries is a viable alternative for a nation that is constantly trying to combat the terror […]

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Liposuction in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The quality of liposuction in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is comparable to that in first-world countries like the United States and Canada. This is because many Mexican plastic surgeons are educated and/or trained in the US, and are aware of international standards. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is right in the border of El Paso, Texas, so it […]

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Mexico Healthcare Tourism

The video shows a leading plastic surgeon from Tijuana discussing where in the US his clients come from.   Video Narration “Patients from California of course, Arizona, Tennessee, Milwaukee, I’ve had almost all over the US and many, many many from Canada, especially from Ontario and Saskatchewan, a few from Alberta and some other countries. […]

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Thigh Lift in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Cosmetic surgery procedures like thigh lift in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico can help you get those shapely legs you have always desired. Many medical tourists from the US and Canada cross the border every year to get cosmetic surgery in Mexico because of their excellent healthcare services for affordable prices. Cost of Thigh Lift Surgery in […]

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