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Affordable Tummy Tucks across the US – Mexico Border

With the availability of affordable tummy tucks across the US-Mexico border, Mexico is seeing a rise in the number of medical tourists benefiting their pockets with substantial savings.  

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Cancun Pediatric Dental Surgeon – Education & Experience

The video below shows a pediatric dental surgeon from Cancun sharing her credentials. Dental tourists who bring kids along for a check-up or procedure can approach this Cancun child dentist. This pedodontist advises on child oral health and how a proactive rather than reactive approach can effectively deal with dental Caries.   Narration – “I […]

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Real Patient reviews Crowns Dentist in Cancun

The video shows a Connecticut resident reviewing her experience with crowns dentist in Cancun. The availability of plethora of dental treatments and global standards of hygiene at dental clinic in Cancun is a reason why so many Americans and Canadians like to visit this city in the Yucatan peninsula. Did we forget to mention that […]

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Mouth Restoration in Cancun – Mexico

If you are unhappy with your teeth or your smile, it is time to make over your mouth! From redesigning your smile to whitening your teeth, you can get a mouth restoration in Cancun – Mexico without breaking the bank. So choose to get dental care in Mexico and return home a transformed person. A […]

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Comprehensive Dental Treatment Plan by Cancun Prosthodontist

The video shows a prosthodontist explaining the process of dental treatment planning in Cancun. As important as zeroing on a good dentist, a treatment plan acts as a guiding light both to the patient and the dentist. Treatment planning becomes all the more imperative for dental tourists from foreign lands. Make sure you understand all […]

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